Welcome to the Swiss Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (SSHRS), the first association of medically trained hair restoration surgeons in Switzerland.


Our main purpose is to promote the exchange and the support of hair restoration surgeons in Switzerland. The association’s priorities are:

  • to educate and inform the public in Switzerland about hair restoration surgery
  • to promote treatment quality (‘best practice’) and patient safety in hair restoration surgery in Switzerland
  • to support the training and the research in the field of hair restoration
  • to strengthen the exchange between hair surgeons in Switzerland and also internationally

We are in the process of providing an English translation of the website. In the mean time we kindly refer you to the Geman part of this website.

For your convenience we have included a Google translation tool on the bottom of the pages in German


Sincerely yours,


Dr. med. Conradin von Albertini, Founding President